Yub Nub

Hey there, ‘Redheads… Happy Star Wars Day to one and all. See, it’s May the 4th… May the 4th be with you… Get it? Sort of a Dork-o de Mayo. Celebrated in basements around the world. Dorks in brown bathrobes swatting at Death Star pinatas with a lightsaber. If you’re going to celebrate properly, remember to include a moment of silence for those lost on Alderaan. Or, if you favor the dark side, pour some Correlian Ale on the ground for the Imperial forces that perished on the Death Star…

Ok, here’s some fun obscure Star Wars stuff to quench your nerd thirst. Like Richard Pryor as the bartender in another intergalactic bar…

Or maybe a bad ass lightsaber fight is more your speed…

Or maybe you want to know what if Lucas had a French existentialist influence…

Remember, Han shot first and Jar Jar kicks puppies…

See you Thursday…


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